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Hi my name is Grace. I am very passionate about detox and have researched the subject extensively for the past  10 years. I was never  health nutt  until I discovered suspect lumps in 3 different parts of my body. One growth weighing 1kg was removed in 2000 then breast lumps removed in 2008 now lumps in my throat have appeared. I refused surgery and radiation treatment opting to cure myself and live with dignity.  All these annoying lumps have prompted me to clean up my act and learn more about how to keep my body clean and healthy. I figured if I alkalize my body I would have a fighting chance and it has appeared to have worked so far.

I am not here to sell you anything but to share what I have learned on my journey. I hope you learn something new and interesting from this website Alkaline Foods.

To learn more about detox please visit my main website detoxplanet.webs.com which comprises over 30 subject pages under the umbrella of detox


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All about detox

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All about Oolong Tea

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